Letters: Shamcher Beorse and Carol Sill

This book of letters reveals an intimate and unique relationship between a teacher and pupil on the Sufi path.

A contemporary western mystic, Shamcher Beorse had been a pupil of the great Sufi, Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan in the 1920’s. Carol Sill was a young beginner on the spiritual path, grieving the sudden death of her only son. Fly along as Shamcher intuitively guides her through the winding routes of Love’s progress, growth and development.

With Shamcher by her side she opened to a world that had been previously closed to her. Share her discoveries as a dazzled and astonished neophyte, learning how to live without her body, and to proceed beyond eyes, ears and even beyond mind.

This process of inner development is all documented here – in real time, through the original correspondence, for Shamcher mailed all Carol’s letters back to her, with copies of his own, asking her to publish them.

Read this book as it was written: as an unfolding correspondence of the soul.

Praise for LETTERS

“Intimate” “Symphonic” “Beautiful” “My heart thanks you”

“The relationship between spiritual teacher and student is uniquely intimate and mysterious. It calls upon us to expand our limited definitions of love, lovers and the Beloved. In “Letters”, we are invited to witness such an expanded love relationship between souls. The discourse is deeply personal and yet the wisdom transmission between teacher and student speaks to each of us and is universally accessible. Akin to the poetry of Rumi, the Shamcher letters present Sufi themes that ignite the mind and heart, without the distraction of religious dogma. Given that Carol met Shamcher in the wake of her profound personal loss, Letters is also a story of a soul’s healing journey and evolution through the gift of loving spiritual friendship. I feel deeply appreciative and ignited by Carol’s book and recommend it highly to seekers of love harmony and beauty everywhere.” – Nancy Mortifee

“This letter book is in many ways a unique experience – the training of a Sufi mystic in a unique way. And, in other ways, it’s universal. It shows a heart yearning for healing and happiness, and the path that she (Carol) found that gave her healing, happiness, and spiritual connection to the Divine in simple and surprising ways.I loved this book, and I suspect you will too.” Jim Arthur

“This correspondence reveals the moving inner journey. For the Sufis, spiritual love between teacher and student is a most sacred place, where both can taste the Divine Presence. We feel how this special love guided, nourished and fortified this young woman, and how it answered the pain of her heart as she learned to open to the wings of her soul. With these “soul memoirs”, we can understand and feel the path of the Sufis, a path traveled in love, harmony and beauty towards truth.” Marielle Geoffroy

“What an extraordinarily sensual and rich love relationship, one based in spirit, yet somehow connecting heaven to the earthly longings of the heart. The rare and perfect timing of how the beloved teacher/friend appeared at the precise moment of your greatest need is exquisite. To see how the power of that love held and helped heal the pain of your horrendous loss is deeply moving. ‘Letters’ holds a gift for those who find themselves among spiritual seekers of any age, land or tradition.” Ann Mortifee and Paul Horn

“As with the love of Rumi for Shams of Tabriz, Carol Sill’s sufi friend Shamcher opens her heart more and more until the love fills us, the readers, with the same essence of joy and awe. It is a gift of grace to experience such a deep love in a lifetime and another gift of grace to share this love with the world. Although these letters capture a moment in time years ago, they are timeless in the message of the various ways to love without bounds and, are lessons that each of us can benefit from today, here and now.” Tanis Helliwell

“The book unfolds a grand adventure of mystical awareness, as student and teacher find each other and share the deepest vibrations of the heart. Through the publication of these letters many new seekers will have their questions answered. Highly recommended.” Carol Sokoloff

ISBN: 978-0978170554

Page Count: 212
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Trim Size: 6″ x 9″
Language: English
Color: Black and White
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