Shamcher Bryn Beorse (1896-1980) was the author of many non-fiction books, novels and articles, covering topics of energy, economics, full employment, and global awareness as well as yoga and Sufism. Born in Norway, he worked and travelled in over 65 countries in his lifetime, and he eventually settled in the United States. Fluent in several languages, his comprehensive worldview included the inner meditative life as well as the accomplishment of life in the world.

Sent on a UN economic mission to Tunisia in the 1960’s, he helped rebuild the Norwegian economy after WWII. Beorse also spent time in exploration, travelling to the Kumbha Mela in India, living as a beach bum in the dunes of Oceano, and going to China at the time of the revolution. A spy in WWII, he was part of the plot to kidnap Hitler. An advocate of the giro-credit economic system, he often spoke out against the stagnation of hierarchical organization.

An accomplished yogi and Sufi, Shamcher was instrumental in developing Sufi centers throughout the world, in the tradition of Inayat Khan. He devoted the last years of his life once again to promoting OTEC, Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion, the source of benign solar power from the sea.

The Shamcher Archives include books, articles, photographs, audio tapes and unpublished manuscripts. In addition to his books, Shamcher kept copies of most letters he sent to friends, colleagues, political and corporate leaders, as well as fellow Sufis and mystics worldwide.

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