A Sufi Went to War

In A Sufi Went to WarShamcher Beorse outlines an extensive wartime experience that encompasses land, sea, and air. As a Sufi, Shamcher faced it all head on. He threw himself fully and wholeheartedly into the cause, whatever the risks may have been, following and relying upon his intuition and love of humanity to help create a better world for the future.

“I was 44 when World War II started, considered too old to fight. I had to browbeat my way into the armed forces. In time, with British Intelligence and escaped German officers, we made detailed plans for kidnapping Hitler and ending the war early in 1944. The British were delighted. Franklin Roosevelt, at a safer distance from the front, turned us down, “The Germans must be beaten so they know it.” If we, assigned to this mission, who had thus put our lives on the line, may be permitted a word, it is this: There are times when the horrors of war must be accepted to prevent greater horrors.” – Shamcher Beorse

ISBN: 978-1988368061

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