Friends of Shamcher

“When I think of Shamcher it is a testament to the energy of his presence that he has been missed but hardly absent during all these years. I very often catch him chuckling in the corner of the room or the corner of my mind, or hear him saying “Wonderful’ in his Norwegian way…. or catch his warm blue glance, or his sly penetrating glance or even the occasional harsh, devastating glance. He is simply a subtle presence in my consciousness… sometimes sharing an opinion when on occasion I question, “What would Shamcher think of this or that?”

We were so blessed to have a great Sufi mystic like Shamcher in our lives…truly the ideal of what a contemporary western mystic can be — an activist, an artist, a spiritual guide — working in all realms, the scientific, the literary, the political and the spiritual. The only other person I know of in this time on the planet who comes close to this achievement is the Dalai Lama, and even he cannot be said to have made quite the contribution to science.”

Carol Ann Sokoloff


Connect to some of the activities and community created by those who knew Shamcher. These are not only Sufi connections, but also inspired daily life connections. Are you a friend of Shamcher?  Let us know.

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