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My self-made millionare friend here phoned him and said he was unsophisticated and seemed rather ignorant about financial matters.  This does not in the least faze me.  An unsophisticated honest doer is infinitely more useful than a sophisticated charlatan.

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Today, at 81, I have seen how, not only philosophical-religious organizations but also whole nations, their “civil service”, their hierarchical working places, businesses, departments are destroyed by the hierarchial systems.

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No Hierarchies on Earth

You understand, when I call my thought on hierarchies “idiosyncracies” that is a play on words.  I believe I am more than right.  I may not know the exact degree to which this should be reduced or revised, but a awful lot has to be done.  In heaven there may be a sort of hierarchy but this is never expressed on earth, not even in the most holy “orders”.  You find a ditch-digger half hidden in his ditch.  I see his heart miles above the bishops and yogacharies.

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Health is natural, people will say.  Oh yes, but when we-all compete in living un-naturally, what have you?  So healing is required, but don’t give people the idea that you will or can heal them.  You might add a little lift to his/her own efforts.  Follow the script, the rules and put your soul in it and you will do all that is possible.  Sometimes, of course, an apparent “illness” is a way of terminating this life and any healing in that case would be an interference.  But don’t worry.  Life will take care of itself.

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A special signal is pain.  As long as it is accepted as a signal and nothing else, it is good and does its work, fulfills its purpose.  If, in addition, it becomes a nuisance or even unacceptable suffering, this is a further signal that one has gone astray, that one has some revision to do.  Contact the Creator inside you and outside you, which is really your essential self.  Ask “Him” (or her?) why the healthful rays of the universe are not penetrating and completely healing you this very minute, and within seconds or at least hours you should have a reply.  The reply may be relief from pain and/or insight into what your should further do for improvement.

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There comes a time for some, when no diet is necessary; the mind, the soul, masters the body at whatever diet or no diet is accepted. But generally people should not fool themselves and imagine they are on that stage.

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Your trouble with “GOD” seems to come from loyalty to teachers and teachings.  I never had that.  From birth on I did not accept any church.  didn’t offend them either.  My mother and father were likewise, even though my mother was of a family of clerics.  She showed respect but had no faith in them.  “God” in my childhood, was a good playmate with lots of fun.  Later I found him inside myself — and in you.

When you predict a future of no energy and no ocean power you are making the God in you a bit too narrow.  For me, I know my duty to be to give all my energy to develop sensible patterns for the whole, and God and me (god in me) do not always succeed but we work on that assumption (that we do).  For God — the all — is not at all perfect or omnipotent at this time.  We limit him by time patterns. In the overall timeless space-time he and we are all-powerful.  In a limited time — no.

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You are not simply to blame for not “accomplishing” not even making a decent living. The social structure does not facilitate it. It could, if established by the few sensible ones. It isn’t.
And for one thing: That’s why we have and need change and hope it will be in the right direction and work for that.

Our most horrendous blunder nowadays is unemployment. Not only is this a curse to everybody seeking a job and everybody who has one and is afraid to speak his mind lest he be fired (into unemployment) but unemployment is also the cause of inflation ( while Greenspan and Ford believe we have to lick inflation first before solving employment).

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It was touching to see how fine you took your father’s passing to a, for him, happier and more rewarding world.  I almost envy him.  But well, there’ll be a time for all of us.  Especially if we fill this present life with worthy acts.

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Children choose their parents, not because they seem ideal to the coming child but because it seems the least harmful choice.  The child’s spirit often overshadows and leads the parent, for example to your school. ..what do the parents know?  By this child coming to your school, that child, not necessarily the parent, has taken a decision.  How do you dare to challenge that decision?
You say, very well, but is she really prepared to make a decision on behalf of the child in this fashion?  Whom does she think this child is?   Her property or the property of its Creator?  Her mind or the child’s own mind?  How much authority does she really think she ought to have and exercise over that messenger from Heaven?
Permit not the parent to interfere with the career of the child, if you possibly can avoid it.
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