A broader question: Why do we so continually and steadfastly miss the boat?

Psychologist, Colonel James Mrazek writes in the Air University Press, “Analytical, logical thinking (the only process so far allowed in education and acquiring of knowledge, from the first grade through the highest university degrees) — moves laboriously, a step at a time, sorting, relating, finally concluding. Another type is the intuitive flash-of-insight process. A person encountering an idea all of a sudden is surprised by it. There is no explanation for it. Mrazek sees this ‘creative intuition’ not just as an adjunct to the mind but as its main process through which scientific discoveries are usually made, military battles planned and won.
This intuitive process of mind activity has been known to Western psychiatry for decades – to Eastern Yogis and Sufis a little longer. The Ishopanishad, dug out of India’s distant past, has a word about the type of knowledge acquired exclusively through our analytical-deductive method, “Those devoted to illusion enter blind darkness. Into greater darkness enter those who are solely attached to ‘knowledge.”
Mankind is not made up of psychiatrists and yogis. Glenn Williams is a simple Honeywell engineer. He was talking to us even simpler Navy engineers about statistics and probability. One in the audience asked him a question. The words made no sense. Glenn looked blank for a moment; then his face lit up. He answered what the questioner had meant to ask but never did ask. I saw Glenn after the lecture, “You didn’t understand that questioner’s words any more than we did. Can you read minds?” He smiled, “Sometimes we tune in.”
I lived in this kind of world from as far back as I can remember, unruffled by snow, ice, ski slopes, engineering and a stern Lutheran environment.
I wish everybody including business executives and public officials could share with me this bewitched and magical world where problems are solved as they arise, be it in the world of seers or in the land of doers.
excerpt from Planet Earth Demands

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