Your trouble with “GOD” seems to come from loyalty to teachers and teachings.  I never had that.  From birth on I did not accept any church.  didn’t offend them either.  My mother and father were likewise, even though my mother was of a family of clerics.  She showed respect but had no faith in them.  “God” in my childhood, was a good playmate with lots of fun.  Later I found him inside myself — and in you.

When you predict a future of no energy and no ocean power you are making the God in you a bit too narrow.  For me, I know my duty to be to give all my energy to develop sensible patterns for the whole, and God and me (god in me) do not always succeed but we work on that assumption (that we do).  For God — the all — is not at all perfect or omnipotent at this time.  We limit him by time patterns. In the overall timeless space-time he and we are all-powerful.  In a limited time — no.

(from correspondence)

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