God Changes His Mind

I was told by some friendly sufis that since I had more experience with worldly hierarchies — in business, governments and even religious organisations in more than 65 countries — more than any sufi or anyone else, perhaps, in the big wide world since the creation of time, they liked to hear my views of this and they felt it was my duty to provide it. And my view is that God changes his mind, quickly, thoroughly, all along the line, up and down, as often as we change our shirts. And he changes it according to our own reactions. It is his privilege and nobody can take it away from him.
In a sense hierarchies grow and change organically without any direct intervention or nomination.
A blessed hierarchy does exist, of which Inayat Khan is to me a shining example. The titles and grades we give in the sufi order — even those he gave — are quite another matter. To quote him: “A privilege granted the mureed to see if she or he may become worthy some day to represent that attitude of respect, gratitude and utter humility — the attitude of a SUFI”. Many, as you know, never arrived.
You seem often to be so concerned with the “higher Officials” and believe them to truly represent the so-called lower ranks, while I (and now I must confess with Inayat’s inspiration) see the “lower” as often actually higher.
(from correspondence)

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