Is it sad or funny how utterly incapable I am of expressing myself in words? That is why I have always hesitated when asked to meet you. For you are so perfect that I feel an urge to add a touch to make you even more perfect. For example, I always tell people who seek my advice, “why come to me? You have far better advice all around you, from the present and departed beings plus from the thousands of agents building and maintaining all your limbs and nerves and beings”. Just as you do. And you have within the myriad of spirits with which you are in touch such stalwarts as Rabindranath Tagore, who are beyond all faiths and rules yet inside them all, and also sufis and yogis — and also some less free and easy. It seemed to me that you took from all of them without discrimination, and that bothered me. But perhaps you are right even in that. For myself, I choose and reject. I try to bring order in my sources and keep only those I can wholly respect. I hear the others too but politely listen without so deep impression.

(from correspondence)

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